Textbook of Cultural Economics

Textbook of Cultural Economics

Towse, Ruth

Cambridge University Press






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Ranging from the traditional arts to the creative industries (such as music, film, games, broadcasting, and publishing), this second edition offers a comprehensive, up-to-date overview and in depth analysis of cultural economics in the digital creative economy. It will be useful for courses in the economics of art and culture, arts management and cultural policy.
Part I. General Issues in Cultural Economics: 1. Introduction to cultural economics; 2. Economic profile of the cultural sector; 3. Economic organisation of markets in the creative industries; 4. The digital creative economy; 5. Production, costs and supply of cultural goods; 6. Consumption, participation and demand for cultural goods and services; 7. Welfare economics and public finance; Part II. The 'Traditional' Arts and Heritage: 8. Economics of the performing arts; 9. Economics of museums and heritage; 10. Economics of festivals, cities of culture, creative cities and cultural tourism; 11. Economic evaluation cultural policy; Part III. Artists' Labour Markets and Copyright: 12. Economics of artists' labour markets; 13. Economics of copyright; Part IV. The Creative Industries: 14. Economics of creative industries; 15. Economics of the music industry; 16. Economics of the film industry; 17. Economics of videogames; 18. Economics of broadcasting; 19. Economics of book publishing; Part V. Conclusion: 20. Conclusion.
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