Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union

Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union

Gorman, Michael (Catholic University of America, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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The first full-length treatment of Aquinas's views on the dual nature of Christ as being both human and divine, assessing his philosophy alongside secondary literature from a wide range of scholarly traditions. The volume will appeal to scholars of medieval thought, as well as to those interested in metaphysics and Christology.
Introduction; 1. Person and nature in philosophical perspective; 2. Aquinas's basic view of the incarnation; 3. The incarnation and divine simplicity, immutability, and impassibility; 4. How does Christ's human nature not ground its own person?; 5. The number of existences (esse) in Christ; 6. The consistency of Christology; Conclusion.
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