World Englishes and Culture Wars

World Englishes and Culture Wars

Kachru, Braj B. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

This book complements and advances the traditional scholarship on the history of English. It is about the role of different forms of colonization and related ideologies in its diversification. It also discusses the consequences of its appropriation by practitioners of different cultures and its indigenization into their own language.
Part I. World Englishes Today: 1. The agony and ecstasy; 2. The second diaspora; 3. Culture wars; 4. Standards and codification; 5. The power and politics; Part II. Context and Creativity: 6. The speaking tree; 7. Creativity and literary canons; Part III. Past and Prejudice: 8. Liberation linguistics; 9. Sacred linguistic cows; 10. The paradigms of marginalization; Part IV. Ethical Issues and the ELT Empire: 11. Applying linguistics; 12. Leaking paradigms; Part V. World Englishes and the Classroom: 13. Mythology in teaching; Part VI. Research Areas and Resources: 14. Research resources.
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