Cambridge Global English Teacher's Resource 8 with Digital Access

Cambridge Global English Teacher's Resource 8 with Digital Access

for Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary English as a Second Language

Barker, Chris; Altamirano, Annie; Mitchell, Libby; Mabbott, Nicola; Little, Mark; Hubbard, Bob

Cambridge University Press



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A. Introductory materials including:; About the approach; Letter to Parents; How to Use This Teacher's Resource visual walkthrough; Lesson Plan template; About the Syllabus; Framework correlation; About the test; Support with key teaching approaches:; Active Learning; Skills for Life; Cross-curricular learning; Approach to grammar; Using Literature; Assessing written work; Projects; Assessment for Learning; Differentiation; Metacognition & Learning Strategies; B. Teaching Notes including:; Professional Development feature; full-colour Learner's Book pages; Lesson starter ideas; Differentiation ideas; Assessment ideas; Homework ideas; C. Downloadable materials including:; Tests; Grammar games; Differentiated worksheets; Wordlist; Answer keys; Audio files; Audioscript; Progress Report to manage continuous formative assessment.
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