Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

Ash, Rhiannon

Cambridge University Press






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Unlocks the difficulties and complexities of this challenging yet popular text for students and instructors alike, making Tacitus' Latin more accessible than ever. The introduction and the commentary elucidate the cultural and historical context of the work and the literary artistry of the author.
List of maps; Preface; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Tacitus; 2. The sources, historiography, and Nero; 3. Annals 15: structure and artistry; 4. Parthia and Armenia; 5. The perils of gloria: Corbulo and Seneca; 6. The Pisonian conspiracy; 7. Speeches, style, and language; 8. Manuscripts; Corneli Taciti Ab Excessv Divi Augusti Liber Qvintvsdecimvs; Commentary; Select bibliography; Indexes; 1. General index; 2. Latin words.
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