Principles of Political Economy

Principles of Political Economy

With a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science

McCulloch, J. R.

Cambridge University Press






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A friend, correspondent and intellectual successor to David Ricardo, John Ramsay McCulloch (1789-1864) published deeply researched articles, pamphlets and books in the emerging field of political economy. Expanded from an important Encyclopaedia Britannica article, this 1825 textbook sheds light on the Ricardian school of economic theory.
Introduction; Part I. Production and Accumulation of Wealth: 1. Definition of production; 2. Progressive nature of man; 3. Definition and growth of credit; 4. The introduction and use of money; 5. Division of employments among different countries; 6. Different employments of capital and labour; 7. Improvements in machinery; 8. Population proportioned to the means of subsistence; 9. Objects of insurance; 10. Interference of government; Part II. Value and Price: 1. Value of two sorts; 2. Cost of production; 3. Influence of mercantile speculations on price; 4. The employment of capital in production; Part III. Distribution of Wealth: 1. Wages; 2. The rate of wages; 3. A poor rate; 4. Education of the poor; 5. The origin of rent; 6. Influence of improvements; 7. Division of the produce of industry; 8. Interest and net profit identical; Part IV. Consumption of Wealth: 1. Definition of consumption; Appendix; Index.
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