Caste, Class, and Capital

Caste, Class, and Capital

The Social and Political Origins of Economic Policy in India

Murali, Kanta (University of Toronto)

Cambridge University Press






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This book offers a novel explanation of the determinants of economic policy in India in its high growth phase. It is written to meet the highest standards of scholarship and also to be accessible to a variety of readers including scholars, students, journalists, policymakers and anyone interested in the politics of economic development.
1. Introduction: growth-oriented policies and poor electorates; 2. The argument: social identity, electoral coalitions, and investment policies; 3. Diverse policy responses to the competition for investment; 4. Contrasting coalitions and policy outcomes: Gujarat and Punjab; 5. Fluctuating coalitions and commitments: Andhra Pradesh and Bihar; 6. Expanding the scope of analysis; 7. Conclusion.
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