Civil Society and Memory in Postwar Germany

Civil Society and Memory in Postwar Germany

Wustenberg, Jenny (York University, Toronto)

Cambridge University Press






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This interdisciplinary approach to postwar German memory politics charts the role of social movements in shaping public memory and democratic values. It will appeal to readers interested in understanding political conflict between civil society and the state over memorials to the German war dead, victims of the Holocaust, and East German oppression.
List of illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations and German terms; 1. Civil society activism, memory politics and democracy; 2. Memorial politics and civil society since 1945; 3. Building negative memory: civic initiatives for memorials to Nazi terror; 4. Dig where you stand: the History Movement and grassroots memorialization; 5. Memorial aesthetics and the memory movements of the 1980s; 6. A part of history that continues to smolder: remembering East Germany from below; 7. Hybrid memorial institutions and democratic memory; Interviews; Bibliography; Index.
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