Competition Policy and Intellectual Property in Today's Global Economy

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property in Today's Global Economy

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1. Introduction: Towards a Fresh Contribution to a Critical Policy Dialogue Robert D. Anderson, Nuno Pires de Carvalho, Elena Cima and Antony Taubman; Part I. Setting the Scene: Evolution of Key Principles and International Dialogue: 2. The Application of Competition Policy vis-a-vis Intellectual Property Rights: The Evolution of Thought Underlying Policy Change Robert D. Anderson and William E. Kovacic; 3. The WTO TRIPS Agreement as a Platform for Application of Competition Policy to the Contemporary Knowledge Economy Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Muller and Antony Taubman; 4. Competition Policy in WIPO's Development Agenda Nuno Pires de Carvalho; 5. Fair Enough? Reconciling Unfair Competition with Competition Policy Antony Taubman; 6. The Competition Policy Roots of Intellectual Property Law: A Reflection Antony Taubman; 7. Intellectual Property as a Tool of Product Differentiation, and the Role of Competition Policy: A Unifying Perspective Nuno Pires de Carvalho; Part II. Sharpening the Focus: Sectoral Perspectives: 8. Technical Standards, Intellectual Property and Competition - A Holistic View Nuno Pires de Carvalho; 9. Standard Setting Organizations and FRAND Licensing Jay P. Kesan and Carol Hayes; 10. Digital Disruption and the Reshaping of Markets for IP: What This Means for Trade and Competition Policy Antony Taubman; 11. Information and Communications Technologies: Bridging the Digital Divide through the Right Mix of Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rohan Kariyawasam; 12. Patent Exhaustion and Seeds: Implications of the US Supreme Court Opinion in Bowman v. Monsanto (2013) Christoph Spennemann; 13. Competition Policy and Intellectual Property: Insights from Developed Country Experience F.M. Scherer and Jayashree Watal; 14. Competition Policy in Copyright Law Ariel Katz; 15. Copyright and Content Aggregation - Competition Law as an Engine of Licences Martin Senftleben; 16. Rethinking Trademarks and Competition: When is a Brand a Barrier to Market Entry? William van Caenegem; Part III. Deepening the Dialogue: Comparative and Jurisdictional Analyses: 17. Competition Agency Guidelines and Policy Initiatives Regarding Intellectual Property in the BRICS and Other Major Jurisdictions: A Comparative Analysis Robert D. Anderson, Jianning Chen, Anna Caroline Muller, Daria Novozhilkina, Philippe Pelletier, Antonella Salgueiro, Nivedita Sen and Nadezhda Sporysheva; 18. The Treatment of Patent Pools: Economic Underpinnings and Comparative Developments Robert D. Anderson, Giovanni Napolitano, Antonella Salgueiro and Nadezhda Sporysheva; 19. Competition Policy, Intellectual Property and Network Industries: Post-1995 Enforcement Experience in the US and EU Willard K. Tom and J. Clayton Everett; 20. Reverse Patent Settlement Agreements in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Enforcement and Regulatory Issues in a Comparative Perspective Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Muller and Antonella Salgueiro; 21. Product Switching: Valid Commercial Strategy or Anti-Competitive Consumer Coercion? - A Legal and Comparative Perspective Antonella Salgueiro; 22. Enforcement of Competition Law in Relation to Intellectual Property in the European Union Pierre Arhel; 23. The Evolution of Unfair Competition Policy in Chile: Foundations, Enforcement Experience and Significance vis-a-vis Intellectual Property Rights Maximiliano Santa Cruz and Pilar Trivelli; 24. Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights: A Perspective from Pakistan Joseph Wilson; Part IV. Drawing the Lessons: Towards International Policy Coherence: 25. International Antitrust: Edging Towards a Global Framework with Our Feet on the Ground Eleanor M. Fox; 26. Time to Look Afresh at the International Dimension of Competition Policy and Intellectual Property? Some Concluding Observations Robert D. Anderson, Nuno Pires de Carvalho and Antony Taubman.