Conservation Translocations

Conservation Translocations

Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Moehrenschlager, Axel; Gaywood, Martin J.; Mubarak, Razan Al; Ewen, John G.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Conservation Translocations: Getting Started: 1. Moving Species: Reintroductions and other conservation translocations Martin J. Gaywood and Mark Stanley-PriceI; 2. Conservation translocations: Planning and the initial appraisal Sarah E. Dalrymple and Joe M. Bellis; Part II. Conservation Translocations: The Key Issues: 3. Conservation translocations and the law Arie Trouwborst, Andy Blackmore, Sally Blyth, Floor Fleurke, Phillipa McCormack and Martin J. Gaywood; 4. Decision making in animal conservation translocations: Biological considerations and beyond John G. Ewen, Stefano Canessa, Sarah J. Converse and Kevin A. Parker; 5. Animal disease and conservation translocations Anthony W. Sainsbury and Claudia Carraro; 6. Animal welfare, animal rights, and conservation translocations: Moving forward in the face of ethical dilemmas Lauren A. Harrington, Natasha Lloyd and Axel Moehrenschlager; 7. Conservation translocations for plants Joyce Maschinski and Matthew Albrecht; 8. Plant health, biosecurity and conservation translocations Ruth Mitchell, Sarah Green and Peter M. Hollingsworth; 9. Genomics and conservation translocations Linda E. Neaves, Rob Ogden and Peter M. Hollingsworth; 10. The human dimensions and the public engagement spectrum of conservation translocation Jenny A. Glikman, Beatrice Frank, Camilla Sandstroem, Samantha Meysohn, Michelle Bogardus, Francine Madden and Alexandra Zimmermann; 11. Assisted colonisation and ecological replacement Maria Haellfors and Sarah E. Dalrymple; 12. The role of conservation translocations in rewilding and de-extinction Philip J. Seddon; Part III. Conservation Translocations: Looking to the Future: 13. From genes to ecosystems and beyond: Addressing eleven contentious issues to advance the future of conservation translocations Axel Moehrenschlager, Pritpal Soorae and Tammy E. Steeves; Part IV. Case Studies: 14. Reintroduction of the endemic plant Manglietiastrum sinicum (Magnoliaceae) to Yunnan Province, China Weibang Sun, Lei Cai and Peter M. Hollingsworth; 15. Applying adaptive management to reintroductions of pyne's ground-plum Astragalus bibullatus Matthew A. Albrecht; 16. Five reasons to consider long-term monitoring: case studies from bird reintroductions on Tiritiri Matangi Island Doug P. Armstrong, Elizabeth H. Parlato and John G. Ewen; 17. Multiple reintroductions to restore ecological interactions in a defaunated tropical forest Marcelo Lopes Rheingantz, Alexandra dos Santos Pires and Fernando A. S. Fernandez; 18. Bringing Jaguars and their prey base back to the ibera wetlands, Argentina Emiliano Donadio, Talia Zamboni and Sebastian Di Martino; 19. The return of the Eurasian beaver to Britain: The implications of unplanned releases and the human dimension Roisin Campbell-Palmer, Andrew Bauer, Simon Jones, Ben Ross and Martin J. Gaywood; 20. The role of community engagement in conservation translocations: The South Of Scotland Golden Eagle Project (SSGEP) Catherine Barlow; 21. The European native oyster and the challenges for conservation translocations: The Scottish experience Cass Bromley and David W. Donnan; 22. Slow and steady wins the race: using non-native tortoises to rewild islands off Mauritius Carl G. Jones, Vikash Tatayah, Rosemary Moorhouse-Gann, Christine Griffiths, Nicolas Zuel, and Nik Cole; 23. Assisted colonisation as a conservation tool: Tasmanian Devils and Maria Island Carolyn Hogg and Phil Wise; Index.
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