Decoding Chinese Bilateral Investment Treaties

Decoding Chinese Bilateral Investment Treaties

Wei, Shen

Cambridge University Press





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1. Current landscape and puzzling issues; 2. China's foreign investment law in the past four decades; 3. Substantive protection provisions in Chinese BITs; 4. Non-discriminatory standards in China's BITs; 5. Expropriation in local and global contexts; 6. How are Chinese bits interpreted? Jurisprudential review of treaty interpretative tools in Chinese BIT-based arbitration cases; 7. Parallel proceedings under Chinese BITs; 8. Transitional clauses in transition and the black hole in Chinese BIT law; 9. Evolutionary path of China's BIT law in the return of the state paradigm - a statistical and textual approach; 10. Who makes Chinese BITs? - an empirical investigation; 11. By way of conclusion: Chinese BIT law and practice in the jungle.