Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain

A Comparative Perspective

Lee, Hojun; Somin, Ilya; Kim, Iljoong

Cambridge University Press






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1. Taking law from an economic perspective Hans-Bernd Schafer; 2. Eminent domain in the United States Ilya Somin; 3. Direct expropriation: the multi-layered legal protection in Europe Anne van Aaken; 4. Eminent domain law in Taiwan: new law, old practice? Yun-chien Chang; 5. Compulsory land acquisition in developing countries: shifting paradigm or entrenched legacy? Jonathan Lindsay, Klaus Deininger and Thea Hilhorst; 6. Public interest criteria and Korea's scrutiny system Hojun Lee; 7. Who exercises the eminent domain power in Korea: with focus on private takings Iljoong Kim; 8. Just compensation in eminent domain in Korea: from the perspective of fairness Byungkoo Cho; 9. Overall due process in takings in Korea Kisang Jung; 10. Distribution of development surplus in takings Sungkyu Park; 11. Takings, disputes, and resolutions in Korea: a quantitative review Duol Kim.
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