Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain

A Comparative Perspective

Lee, Hojun; Kim, Iljoong (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul); Somin, Ilya (George Mason University, Virginia)

Cambridge University Press






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The taking of private property for development projects has often caused controversy when used to benefit powerful interests at the expense of the general public. This collection of essays analyzes the use and abuse of eminent domain in nations across the world, including Germany, the US, Taiwan, and South Korea.
1. Taking law from an economic perspective Hans-Bernd Schafer; 2. Eminent domain in the United States Ilya Somin; 3. Direct expropriation: the multi-layered legal protection in Europe Anne van Aaken; 4. Eminent domain law in Taiwan: new law, old practice? Yun-chien Chang; 5. Compulsory land acquisition in developing countries: shifting paradigm or entrenched legacy? Jonathan Lindsay, Klaus Deininger and Thea Hilhorst; 6. Public interest criteria and Korea's scrutiny system Hojun Lee; 7. Who exercises the eminent domain power in Korea: with focus on private takings Iljoong Kim; 8. Just compensation in eminent domain in Korea: from the perspective of fairness Byungkoo Cho; 9. Overall due process in takings in Korea Kisang Jung; 10. Distribution of development surplus in takings Sungkyu Park; 11. Takings, disputes, and resolutions in Korea: a quantitative review Duol Kim.
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