English and Spanish

English and Spanish

World Languages in Interaction

Perez, Danae; Kabatek, Johannes; Schreier, Daniel; Hundt, Marianne

Cambridge University Press






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1. English and Spanish context - world languages in interaction Danae Perez, Marianne Hundt, Johannes Kabatek and Daniel Schreier; 2. The emergence of global languages: why English? Edgar W. Schneider; 3. Some (unintended) consequences of colonization: the rise of Spanish as a global language J. Clancy Clements; 4. Dialect contact and the emergence of new varieties of English Raymond Hickey; 5. The emergence of Latin American Spanish Volker Noll; 6. Language contact in the emergence of new varieties: typological studies of English-lexifer pidgins and creoles Stephanie Hackert; 7. Contact scenarios and varieties of Spanish beyond Europe Danae M. Perez; 8. Pluricentricity and codification in world English Pam Peters; 9. Spanish today: pluricentricity and codification Bernhard Poell; 10. Uncovering the big picture: measuring the typological relatedness of varieties of English Benedikt Szmrecsanyi; 11. Morphosyntactic variation in Spanish - global and American perspectives Eeva Sippola; 12. English and Spanish in contact in North America: US Latino communities and the emergence of transnational mediascapes Christian Mair; 13. 'The Spanish of the internet': is that a thing? Discursive and morphosyntactic innovations in computer mediated communication Carlota de Benito Moreno; 14. Alternating or mixing languages? Rena Torres Cacoullos and Catherine E. Travis; 15. The persistence of dialectal differences in US Spanish:/s/ deletion in Boston and New York City Daniel Erker and Madeline Reffel; 16. Identity construction John E. Joseph.
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