Language, the Singer and the Song

Language, the Singer and the Song

The Sociolinguistics of Folk Performance


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Creating Community and Identity through Song: 1. Language and music; 2. 'Breaking through' into performance'; 3. The communality of folk song; 4. Answering back: rebels with and without a cause; Part II. Variation in Language and Folk Song: 5. 'The times they are a-changing'; 6. Ideologies, authenticities and traditions; 7. 'Insects caught in amber'; Part III. Folk Song Performance and Linguistics: 8. Voices in the folk song; 9. The song: text and entextualisation in performance; 10. Going out there and doing your thing; 11. Enregisterment through song; 12. Whither folk song, whither sociolinguistics?; Appendix: overview of musical concepts.
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