Philosophy and Museums: Volume 79

Philosophy and Museums: Volume 79

Essays on the Philosophy of Museums


Cambridge University Press






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List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Introduction Victoria S. Harrison, Anna Bergqvist and Gary Kemp; 1. Museums and their paradoxes Mark O'Neil; 2. The open museum and its enemies: an essay in the philosophy of museums Charles Taliaferro; 3. The museum of big ideas Ivan Gaskell; 4. Museums and the nostalgic self Michael P. Levine; 5. 'A sudden surprise of the soul': wonder in museums and early modern philosophy Beth Lord; 6. Context and experiencing the sacred David Brown; 7. Are Holocaust museums unique? Paul Morrow; 8. Museums, ethics and truth: why museums' collecting policies must face up to the problem of testimony Philip Tonner; 9. The ethics of trusteeship and the biography of objects Andreas Pantazatos; 10. People and things: questions museums make us ask and answer Alda Rodrigues; 11. What do we see in museums? Graham Oddie; 12. An honest display of fakery: replicas and the role of museums Constantine Sandis; 13. Word and object: museums and the matter of meaning Garry L. Hagberg; 14. Framing effects in museum narratives: objectivity in interpretation revisited Anna Bergqvist; 15. The participatory art museum: approached from a philosophical perspective Sarah Hegenbart; Appendix: I. The Hutchesons' grammar school project Leon Robinson; II. Foucault, madness and museums Glen Melville, Scott Adams and Lucy McCracken; III. The identity of museum objects Jessica Palmer and Claire Richmond; Bibliography.