Politeness, Impoliteness and Ritual

Politeness, Impoliteness and Ritual

Maintaining the Moral Order in Interpersonal Interaction

Kadar, Daniel Z.

Cambridge University Press






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This book introduces the reader to how people use ritual practices in interpersonal interaction, and politeness and impoliteness situated in/triggered by such practices. It fills an important knowledge gap by offering a framework of politeness that can be used across languages and cultures in the context of ritual.
Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Ritual and (Im)Politeness - the Basic Relationship: 2. Ritual: its definition, typology and relational role; 3. Ritual and politeness research; 4. Ritual and (im)politeness: the basic relationship; Part II. Ritual, (Im)Politeness, and Moral Aggression: 5. Rites of moral aggression in operation: countering the heckler, and bystander intervention; 6. Voicing the moral order(s) in ritual aggression: morality and/versus (im)politeness in the rite of bystander intervention; 7. De/Ratifying the maintenance/maintainer of the moral order: moral responsibility in events of heckling; 8. Conclusion.
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