Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy

Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy

Elder-Vass, Dave (Loughborough University)

Cambridge University Press






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Dave Elder-Vass argues that dominant approaches to the economy miss much of what happens in real economies and that the rise of the digital economy has made this problem more evident. He proposes a new framework to analyse diverse economic systems, and applies it to cases drawn from the digital economy.
Part I. Diverse Economies: 1. Introduction; 2. Diverse economies; Part II. Political Economies: 3. Beyond Marxist political economy; 4. Mainstream economics and its rivals; 5. Complexes of appropriative practices; Part III. Digital Economies: 6. Digital monopoly capitalism: Apple; 7. Co-operative peer production: Wikipedia; 8. Does Google give gifts?; 9. User content capitalism; 10. Conclusion.
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