Religion and the Morality of the Market

Religion and the Morality of the Market

Rudnyckyj, Daromir; Osella, Filippo

Cambridge University Press






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Religion and the Morality of the Market shows how neoliberal market practices engender new forms of religiosity, and how religiosity shapes economic actions. It reveals how religious movements and organizations have reacted to the increasing prominence of market reason in unpredictable, and sometimes counterintuitive, ways.
Introduction. Assembling market and religious moralities Filippo Osella and Daromir Rudnyckyj; 1. Risk, fate, fortune: the lives and times of customs inspectors in Southern China Julie Chu; 2. Morality, markets and the gospel of prosperity Simon Coleman; 3. Religious myths retold: masters and servants in India's corporate culture Nandini Gooptu; 4. Divine markets: ethnographic notes on post-nationalism and moral consumption in India Sanjay Srivastava; 5. Merit economies in neoliberal times: Halal troubles in contemporary Sri Lanka Farzana Haniffa; 6. 'Structural adjustment Islam' and the religious economy in neoliberal Mali Benjamin Soares; 7. Assembling Islam and liberalism: market freedom and the moral project of Islamic finance Daromir Rudnyckyj; 8. Persistent forms: Catholic charity homes and the limits of neoliberal morality China Scherz; 9. Marketising piety through charitable work: Islamic charities and the Islamisation of middle-class families in Indonesia Hilman Latief; 10. 'A poor Muslim cannot be a good Muslim': Islam, charitable giving, and market logic in Sri Lanka Filippo Osella; 11. 'For the God and for the country': agricultural migrations and their moralities in South India V. J. Varghese; 12. 'The globalization of indifference': on Pope Francis, migration and global acedia Valentina Napolitano.
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