Religion and the Morality of the Market

Religion and the Morality of the Market

Osella, Filippo; Rudnyckyj, Daromir

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Assembling market and religious moralities Filippo Osella and Daromir Rudnyckyj; 1. Risk, fate, fortune: the lives and times of customs inspectors in Southern China Julie Chu; 2. Morality, markets and the gospel of prosperity Simon Coleman; 3. Religious myths retold: masters and servants in India's corporate culture Nandini Gooptu; 4. Divine markets: ethnographic notes on post-nationalism and moral consumption in India Sanjay Srivastava; 5. Merit economies in neoliberal times: Halal troubles in contemporary Sri Lanka Farzana Haniffa; 6. 'Structural adjustment Islam' and the religious economy in neoliberal Mali Benjamin Soares; 7. Assembling Islam and liberalism: market freedom and the moral project of Islamic finance Daromir Rudnyckyj; 8. Persistent forms: Catholic charity homes and the limits of neoliberal morality China Scherz; 9. Marketising piety through charitable work: Islamic charities and the Islamisation of middle-class families in Indonesia Hilman Latief; 10. 'A poor Muslim cannot be a good Muslim': Islam, charitable giving, and market logic in Sri Lanka Filippo Osella; 11. 'For the God and for the country': agricultural migrations and their moralities in South India V. J. Varghese; 12. 'The globalization of indifference': on Pope Francis, migration and global acedia Valentina Napolitano.
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