State-Building and Tax Regimes in Central America

State-Building and Tax Regimes in Central America

Schneider, Aaron (University of Denver)

Cambridge University Press






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Explores the politics of raising revenue from the most dynamic sectors of an economy as an expression of the relationship between state and society, and the capacity of state institutions.
1. Revenues, states, and Central America; 2. State-building in a globalized political economy; 3. Historical junctures in Central American state-building and tax; 4. 1990s transnational integration: quantitative evaluation of socioeconomic actors, democratic institutions, and tax regimes; 5. Inside-out state-building in El Salvador: dominant and cohesive transnational elites; 6. Outside-in state-building in Honduras: dominant but divided transnational elites; 7. Crisis in Guatemalan state-building: divided, subordinate transnational elites; 8. Conclusion: state-building and tax in developing countries.
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