Technology and Isolation

Technology and Isolation

Lawson, Clive (University of Cambridge)

Cambridge University Press






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This book combines recent developments in social ontology with classic ideas from the philosophy of technology. Individual chapters also contribute to a range of issues from the history, sociology, psychology and economics of technology. The overall aim of the book, however, is to propose a new ontology of technology that will be of interest throughout the humanities and social sciences.
1. Technology questions; 2. Technology - from obscurity to keyword; 3. Ontology and isolation; 4. Science and technology; 5. The sociality of artefacts; 6. Technological artefacts; 7. Technology and the extension of human capabilities; 8. Technology and instrumentalisation; 9. Technology and autism; 10. Technology, recombination and speed; 11. Marx, Heidegger and technological neutrality.
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