Cambridge Companion to Operetta

Cambridge Companion to Operetta


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Introduction Anastasia Belina and Derek B. Scott; Part I. Early Centres of Operetta: 1. French operetta: Offenbach and company John Kendrick; 2. Viennese Golden-Age operetta: drinking, dancing and social criticism in a multi-ethnic empire Lisa Feurzeig; 3. London and Gilbert and Sullivan Bruno Bower; 4. Hungarians and Hungarianisms in operetta and folk plays in the late Habsburg and post-Habsburg era Lynn Hooker; 5. Operetta in the Czech National Revival - the Provisional Theatre years Jan Smaczy; Part II. The Global Expansion of Operetta: 6. Going global: the international spread of Viennese Silver-Age operetta Stefan Frey; 7. Spain and Zarzuela Christopher Webber; 8. Camping along the American operetta divide (on the road to the musical play) Raymond Knapp; 9. Operetta in Russia and the USSR Anastasia Belina; 10. Operetta in the Nordic countries (1850-1970) Pentti Paavolainen; 11. Operetta in Greece Avra Xepapadakou; Part III. Operetta since 1900: 12. The operetta factory: production systems of Silver-Age Vienna Micaela Baranello; 13. Berlin operetta Tobias Becker; 14. Operetta in Italy Valeria De Lucca; 15. Operetta in Warsaw Anastasia Belina; 16. British operetta after Gilbert and Sullivan Derek B. Scott; 17. Operetta during the Nazi regime Matthias Kauffmann; 18. Operetta films Derek B. Scott; 19. 'Jazz was the dynamite that exploded the harmlessness of the Viennese operetta!' (Interviewer: Ulrich Lenz.) Interview with Barrie Kosky.
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