Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and War

Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and War


Cambridge University Press






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1. Beyond shallow and silence: war in the age of Shakespeare Paul E. J. Hammer; 2. Just war theory and Shakespeare Franziska Quabeck; 3. Shakespeare on civil and dynastic wars David Bevington; 4. Foreign war Claire McEachern; 5. War and the classical world Maggie Kilgour; 6. 'The question of these wars': Shakespeare, warfare, and the chronicles David Scott Kastan; 7. Instrumentalizing anger: warfare and disposition in the Henriad Gail Kern Paster; 8. War and Eros David Schalkwyk; 9. Shakespeare's language and the Rhetoric of war Lynne Magnusson; 10. Staging Shakespeare's wars in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries Michael Hattaway; 11. Reading Shakespeare's wars on film: ideology and montage Gregory Semenza; 12. Shakespeare and World War II Garrett A. Sullivan Jr; 13. Henry V and the pleasures of war Paul Stevens; 14. Macbeth and Trauma Willy Maley; 15. Coriolanus and the use of power Catherine M. S. Alexander.