Logic of Securities Law

Logic of Securities Law

Georgakopoulos, Nicholas L.; Posner, Richard

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Richard Posner; 1. Introduction. Real markets and financial markets; Part I. Definition of a Security: When to Leave Buyer Beware for Seller Disclose?: 2. Toward defining a security; 3. The vacuous definition of a security; 4. The function of investment contract; 5. Pricing mechanisms; 6. From the sale of business doctrine to Gustafson; 7. Gustafson works!; 8. Definition conclusion; Part II. Disclosure: Why Subsidize Informed Traders?: 9. Introduction; 10. An overview of disclosure theories; 11. The failure of the corporate disclosure decision; Part III. Deterrence of Securities Fraud: 12. Introduction to deterrence intensity; 13. Comparing the economic function of deceit to that of securities fraud; 14. Reliance in deceit and securities fraud; 15. Conclusion of deterrence intensity; Part IV. Insider Trading: 16. Introduction to insider trading; 17. Insider trading law; 18. Defining insiders; 19. Concluding the insider trading analysis; Part V. The Virtuous Cycle of Liquid Markets, Accurate Prices and Cheap Trading: 20. The virtuous cycle; 21. Closing note: financial crises and securities law.
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