Political Economy of the Small Welfare State in South Korea

Political Economy of the Small Welfare State in South Korea

Yang, Jae-Jin

Cambridge University Press






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This book explains why the Korean welfare state is underdeveloped despite successful industrialization, democratization, a militant labor movement, and a centralized meritocracy. Unlike most social science books on Korea, which tend to focus on its developmental state and past years' rapid economic development, this book deals with social welfare issues and politics.
1. Introduction; 2. Theoretical reinterpretation of the small welfare state in South Korea; 3. The emergence of the small welfare state under the authoritarian developmental state (1961-1987); 4. Democratization and limited welfare state development under the conservative rule (1987-1997); 5. Economic crisis, power shift, and welfare politics under the Kim Dae Jung government (1997-2002); 6. Economic Unionism and the limits of the Korean welfare state under the Roh Moo Hyun government (2003-2007); 7. Wind of welfare and tax politics under the returned conservative rule; 8. Conclusion.
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