Women Talk More Than Men

Women Talk More Than Men

... And Other Myths about Language Explained

Kaplan, Abby (University of Utah)

Cambridge University Press






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This textbook explores popular questions about language. Do women talk more than men? Does texting make us stupid? Accessibly written and drawing on real experiments, it trains students to become informed consumers of social science research. A broad range of topics makes the book appropriate for non-technical introductory linguistics courses.
1. Introduction; Part I. ...But Is It Language?: 2. 'A dialect is a collection of mistakes'; 3. 'Sign language is skilled charades'; 4. 'Chimpanzees can talk to us'; Part II. Language Learning: 5. 'Children have to be taught language'; 6. 'Adults can't learn a new language'; 7. 'Being bilingual makes you smarter (or dumber)'; Part III. Language in Use: 8. 'Women talk more than men'; 9. 'Texting makes you illiterate'; 10. 'The most beautiful language is French'; 11. 'My language limits my thoughts'; Appendix A. Statistics brief reference.
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